Podcast Interview with The Black Pool New York

Paruresis. Mental Health. Anxiety. Trauma. Sometimes things just don’t go the way we’ve planned. For some, the events of the past manifest themselves in very life challenging ways. Paruresis, or Shy Bladder Syndrome can be a very uncomfortable way to go through life. However, there are men out there like Dan Rocker who are truly […]

What is Paruresis (Shy Bladder Syndrome)?

ADAA sits down with Dan Rocker (International Paruresis Association (IPA)) and ADAA Member Ruth Lippin, LCSW to discuss paruresis, or Shy Bladder Syndrome. In this podcast we review what paruresis is, how it can impact ones life, and what treatment options are available. 

The Private Lives of Public Bathrooms


How psychology, gender roles, and design explain the distinctive way we behave in the world’s stalls. When Oprah Winfrey served on a Chicago jury in 2004, she couldn’t go to the bathroom attached to the jury room unless her fellow jurors sang to drown out the noise. One of the songs they sang was Kumbaya. […]