Paruresis Treatment

As the President of the International Paruresis Association, and the Co-Director of the Shy Bladder Center, I am uniquely qualified to treat the social anxiety of avoidant paruresis.

I encourage you to read below about what it’s like to work with me.

In the hundred-plus men and women who I have treated for paruresis, a near-global feeling is that of shame and the necessity of secrecy in approaching their anxiety. Many of my clients are convinced that they alone suffer with this anxiety, and feel uniquely “crazy.” They cannot understand how something so natural and necessary as urinating can be the source of such stress in their lives. It is more common than not that my clients, prior to coming to treatment, have literally organized their lives around their bathroom habits.

If this sounds familiar, I’m going to help you change that.

Through our work, I will teach you the difference between primary paruresis—the symptom itself, significant urinary hesitation and inhibition—and secondary paruresis—the negative thoughts, emotions, and self-evaluations that tend to pile up due to having the primary paruresis.

We will employ the evidence-supported techniques for diminishing the primary paruresis—namely Exposure and Response Prevention.

And we will employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to attack the maladaptive beliefs that hold you in shame and isolation.

I have proudly seen my clients make great strides towards first, accepting themselves, and second, reclaiming much of the mental energy that has been wasted by maintaining a facade of invulnerability. This has the second-order and perhaps unanticipated effect in my clients of improving many of their closest relationships, by imbuing them with a new authenticity.

And, oh yeah, my guess is you’ll be peeing more comfortably in a wider variety of settings.

Is it time to start shoving back against your Paruresis?

Call me and I’ll be happy to speak to you.